RLG198H1 – Dystopia: Faith Sex within the Science fiction

Faith should be knew once the some fantasies you to handles and moralizes the quintessential sexual issues out-of personal life, also sexual intercourse, fluids, and you can brain-changing ingredients. This course engages important concepts out of religion to adopt a modern gang of instance knowledge you to definitely troubles a clean divide ranging from purity and you will chances. Simply for very first-seasons college students. Perhaps not entitled to CR/NCR solution.

RLG197H1 – Enchantment, Disenchantment, Re-Enchantment

Modernity are with the disenchantment, secularisation and you can improvements, and has generally started understood because the replacement on enchanted, spiritual, and you may transcendent worldviews of antiquity hookupdaddy.net/couples-hookup-apps and the old. Re-enchantment, a phrase all the more discovered inside the common and you may academic contexts exactly the same, shows nostalgia to possess an enthusiastic enchanted previous, a soreness into the progressive story, and you will a need to recover wonder. This course tend to examine the annals out-of enchantment compliment of a series out-of readings extracted from literary works, thinking, theology, between Plato so you’re able to modern-day magical reality. Restricted to very first-season students. Not available to own CR/NCR option.

This program commonly consider new “just what ifs” and you can envisioned worlds regarding top utopias and you will oppressive dystopias through the contact away from faith and intercourse inside the Margaret Atwood’s New Handmaid’s Facts and you may Charlotte Perkins Gilman’s Herland. Given that science-fiction and you will utopian/dystopian literature conveys just what a writer notices you could or hopes is possible, and in addition worries is possible, we’re going to thought science-fiction because the a political and public feedback. Themes as secured tend to be fundamentalism, totalitarianism, the partnership between technology and religion, religion and you may reproductive liberties, additionally the possible relationship between religion, gender and you will oppression. Restricted to earliest-12 months pupils. Maybe not qualified to receive CR/NCR choice.

RLG199H1 – Religion getting Mature-Ups?

Kant, the nice progressive philosopher, notoriously refers to enlightenment as the our release regarding care about-obtain immaturity or fraction. That’s, predicated on Kant, do not need to develop. The immaturity is facilitated particularly by faith, whose needs to have deference to the power out-of texts, life style, and you will gods commonly avoid all of us out-of taking complete obligation for the view and you may methods. However, you want faith gamble so it character? Will there be a religion to possess adult-ups? This program examines men and women issues from the training autobiographical levels out of philosophers whom describe just how its study of viewpoints sometimes reinforced or strangled their youthful spiritual convictions. Limited to basic-seasons people. Not entitled to CR/NCR choice.

SDS199H1 – Sex from the Intersections

That it Basic-Seasons Foundations meeting commonly speak about sexuality from the intersections out-of battle, gender, category, impairment, citizenship position, and topography, certainly almost every other social relations and processes because an effective foundational routine inside Intimate Assortment Studies. Within the a sexual meeting setting, youngsters will establish discovering, composing, and you may demonstration skills necessary for engaging in Intimate Assortment Degree all over a wide array of disciplinary life. Limited by basic-year people. Maybe not entitled to CR/NCR solution.

SLA190H1 – Shedding It

Why does one manage loss, whether it is a nose, a base, an animal, a reputation, a lover, a fight, tons of money, otherwise your sanity? Through literary texts out of Central and you may East Europe, i explore the newest stress and you will poetics out of losing, and components out of coping with and compensating for the forgotten target. Educated from inside the English, all the readings into the English. Limited to very first-season students. Perhaps not eligible for CR/NCR alternative.

SLA191H1 – The fresh Criminal Brain

About mid-nineteenth 100 years, Western european and American fictional became obsessed with the subject of bad guys. This course explores that it preoccupation and its own literary and you will social effects. We discuss the altering picture of the latest unlawful into the Uk, French, Russian and you can American fiction. Indication by Dickens, Dostoevsky, Balzac, Zola, Poe, Stevenson and you can Lombroso. Training and you can dialogue inside English. Limited to first-year youngsters. Not qualified to receive CR/NCR choice.

SLA192H1 – On the move from inside the East European countries

This program examines case from take a trip inside messages and you may films portraying visits because of Eastern European countries. We shall differentiate all sorts of excursions, the brand new narrative and you can cultural standards it mean, therefore the ways that travelling identifies private name, increasing questions regarding nationality, competition, sex, sexuality, additionally the Other. Restricted to earliest-12 months pupils. Maybe not eligible for CR/NCR choice.