Sick marine hermit crab- 6/4/03 Hello Almighty fish-helpers, <Howdy!

> I have a common Hermit Crab (yep, the red hairy leg variety). He (or she?) > has been in the family for about 8 months. Up until recently he’s been happy in his 75g saltwater fish-only tank. I’ve always provided him new shells to check out and he moves into one now and then. The last week he’s been hanging out in the corner, not moving much and not as eager to get around the tank. He eats much less and seems to have the blues. Any thought? Thanks, Steve HJ

He appears to laws the fresh roost

Crabs We purchased an eclipse system 6 from you and stocked it locally. We purchased two crabs (I assume left-handed hermit crabs) who have one large left claw. Both are relatively small and are in the aquarium with 5 fish. My question is, do we have to feed these crabs anything specific, or do they just clean the tank as a food source? Is two crabs too much for a 6 gallon aquarium? The pet store staff was clueless, but the crabs were so cute we couldn’t resist, even without proper care instructions. I wish I’d seen your fish express feature before stocking; I’ve gained more information reading your site than in talking with the pet store staff. Thank you for your help! Linda Saldana >>

Iodine is a must because of it, however is only a during the service from day to night/weeks (an element of the reason behind recommending brief each week water changes instead out of month-to-month otherwise offered)

Get a Claw! 5/1/03 My hermit crab’s pincher has recently fallen off. You said it was shedding problems. Should it be a concern? What should I do with the pincher? What should I do? Sorry if these questions have already been answered. Bye.

– Crab Parts – Hi gang, I have four red leg crabs in my 30 gallon fish only aquarium. Water is perfect temp is great. But every so often I will see a crab leg floating in the water on lying on the sand. Do they molt or shed legs? I have not noticed anyone picking at them. Thanks Christina

Hermit crabs – algae Dear WWM: If you were to choose 5 species of hermit crab or crabs in general, for routine cleanup of green hair and filamentous algae in my reef tank, which would they be? I intend on having corals and want « reef safe » varieties. I live in Ft. Lauderdale and can collect hermits from the tide pools. Can I use these? If so, what species. blue legged, red legged, etc Thanks, Steve < I would do mainly red leg hermits. Sally Lightfoots are good at eating hair algae also. Cody>