When Man-Bat was distracted, Batman used a stronger antidote to revert his transformation

[165] Batman tried to revert Man-Bat’s transformation, but his antidote failed and Man-Bat escaped. [166] A few weeks later, Batman tried again and this time, he made Man-Bat return to his senses thanks to his own daughter, Rebecca. [167]

Unusual Challengers

Besides the most notorious criminals before mentioned, Batman confronted several other enemies starting with the Judge, a crooked man who wanted revenge against Batman. [168] With that same purpose, the Spook returned and used subliminal messages on Batman to frame him for his murder, but Batman turned the plot against the Spook and returned the criminal to prison. [169] Afterwards, Batman stopped the wacky criminal called Captain Stingaree with help from The Flash. [170]

Eventually, Batman encountered the ruthless vigilante called Black Spider, who murdered criminals in the name of justice. [171] After learning the man’s background, Batman managed to put a stop to his vigilantism. [172] Afterwards, Batman was trapped inside the Bat-Signal by the Signalman, who had returned after years of absence. Batman managed to break free from the deadly trap and put an end to Signalman’s crime spree. [173] Tzin-Tzin eventually returned with the purpose of getting revenge on Batman, but his plans where once again thwarted by the Dark Knight. [174] [175] When the Calculator tried to take on Batman, the Dark Knight outsmarted the villain, even after Calculator had defeated most members of the Justice League. [176]

Batman later confronted the nefarious enemy known as Skull Dugger, who crippled Batman, altering his nervous perceptions. [177] Batman managed to https://rapidloan.net/payday-loans-ok/ overcome this inconvenience and confronted Skull Dugger, who met his demise in the struggle. [178] Later on, Batman stopped the Mad Hatter, whose attempts to go straight turned into crimes [179] and then he confronted and stopped Thanatos and Amos Fortune. [180]

Batman also defeated a humanoid created by Doctor Moon [181] and was later challenged by Xavier Simon, who used technology to transfer his mind into the body of a gorilla and attacked Batman in revenge against Thomas Wayne. [182] Unfortunately for Simon, his vendetta cost him his own life. [183]

Afterwards, Batman had to stop the Gentleman Ghost as he had hypnotized Alfred and has settled in the abandoned Wayne Manor. Despite his efforts, Batman was not able to capture the mysterious ghost. [184] On his usual visit to Crime Alley, Batman became aware of a new criminal called Maxie Zeus in Gotham and he started working to bring him down. [185] Zeus proved to be a worthy opponent, creating several troubles for Batman, but the Dark Knight managed to overcome them and finally captured Zeus. [186] Later, Batman stopped Crazy Quilt with Robin’s help. [187] The next criminal that appeared in Gotham was the arsonist called Firebug who apparently died during his confrontation with Batman. [188]

Batman was eventually informed about a « ghost » in Wayne Manor and when he went to investigate, he found that Man-Bat had invaded the Batcave and had been reaching to Wayne Manor, scaring people who stumbled upon the place

When Captain Boomerang appeared in Gotham, Batman stopped his crime plot. [189] Batman then confronted General Scarr and captured him with Batgirl’s help. [190] Later, Batman travelled to California in order to capture the elusive Squid, wanted for stealing confidential information. [191] After this, Batman stopped the merciless executioner only known as the Electrocutioner, who killed criminals that were released from prison. [192] Batman then located the killer of Mlle. Marie and learned about Julia Remarque, the daughter of Alfred Pennyworth with Marie. [193] Afterwards, Batman stopped the Monarch of Menace from a large scale crime ring he was operating during his absence. [194] Batman then confronted the human hybrid called Snowman, [195] and also Sportsman, both of whom were renowned athletes. [196] Batman also confronted a woman with a personal vendetta, who was only known as Manikin [197] [198] and later he saved Selina Kyle from The Pharaoh, who believed Selina was the reincarnation of a dead queen. [199] Batman later stopped the crook known as Dagger [200] and soon an old enemy from the past, the original Mad Hatter returned to haunt Batman. [201] Later, Batman stopped the evil Dr. Death, [202] [203] he put an end to the Academy of Crime, [204] [205] and stopped Colonel Blimp. [206] [207]